Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week and #ThankATeacher with us!

We need to ensure every student has a caring, qualified and committed teacher. We need to prioritize education funding that allows educators more time to connect one-on-one with students to encourage critical thinking and creativity.

Michigan teachers need our support. For the past seven years, public education has been attacked and ridiculed by Republicans in Lansing. They’ve attacked teachers’ retirements and their right to speak up together for better classroom conditions, as well as:

  • Cut classroom funding
  • Attacked teachers’ salaries
  • Slashed pensions
  • Cut health care
  • Ruined collective bargaining
  • Refused to give back the 3 percent improperly taken from teachers’ salaries.


Michigan teachers need to be valued. Republicans have passed more than 25 public acts that have attacked not only teachers’ salaries, pensions, health care, and collective bargaining agreements, but also their ability to effectively perform essential job functions in the classroom.


Michigan teachers need our support. We need to ensure that all teachers feel supported and respected here in Michigan. The profession of teaching needs to be restored as a valued occupation.


Provide Michigan teachers with the right tools. Like our kids, qualified teachers need tools to learn, grow and thrive. That’s why we’re introducing a comprehensive TeA+chers for Michigan bill package.