Prepare, Attract, Retain

TeA+chers for Michigan is about shaking up the status quo and recreating an education system by teachers and for teachers. To do this, we’re creating a system that prepares the best, attracts the brightest and retains the finest.

Preparing the Best
We need to prepare future teachers with real classroom experience through
opportunities, training and grants.

Legislation areas include:

  • Underrepresented Teacher Recruitment Program
  • Early Childhood Educators Act
  • Stipends for Student Teachers

Attracting the Brightest
We need to attract the brightest teachers to districts that need highly skilled educators
through incentives such as loan forgiveness and bonuses.

Legislation areas include:

  • Student Loan Forgiveness
  • One-time Bonus for New, or Experienced Teachers
  • Annual Bonus for Math, Science and Special Education Teachers

Retaining the Finest
We need to retain the finest teachers by offering a focused toolbox to succeed,
such as continued education and improved compensation.

Legislation areas include:

  • Mentor Teacher Pay
  • Teacher Recruitment and Retention Scholarship Fund
  • MPSERS Cost Share Elimination
  • Removal of Hard Cap on Health Care Insurance for All School Employees
  • Amend the Tiered Teacher Evaluation System
  • Removal of Punitive Section of the Public Employees Relations Act (PERA)
  • MPSERS Inclusion for Charter School Employees
  • Community District Teacher Compensation
  • Establishment of Teacher: Student Ratio
  • Increased Recognition for Teachers of the Year
  • Teacher Certification Grant for Advanced Degrees in Shortage Fields
  • Create a MI Teacher Council